Cs Modbus

An industrial communications protocol used for connecting industrial electronic devices.



About Modbus

With Cs/Modbus, you can use either ASCII frames or RTU frames, or both at the same time if you have multiple serial interfaces. Cs/Modbus module supports any number of communications channels.

Modbus-S is a Modbus Slave (server) software component enabling an embedded system to communicate to a Modbus Master (client).

Modbus-M is a Modbus Master (client) component that enables communication to a Modbus Slave.

Cs/Modbus module enables a developer to read or write integer, floating-point (assuming Daniels extensions), and discrete values from and to the target system.

modbus schematic

Key Features

The features of Cs/Modbus module include:

  • Allows for multiple RS-232C and/or RS-485 ports on the same target (limited only by the number of serial ports available)
  • The baud rate for each port is independently adjustable
  • Select either Modbus ASCII or RTU on a per-channel basis
  • Easily assign nearly any application variable to any Modbus holding register (up to 65536), input register (up to 65536), coil (up to 65536), or input status (up to 65536)
  • Complete, clean ANSI C source code included
  • Scalable from 6K to 15K bytes. Compile only the function codes necessary for the target
  • Works with any CPU (8-, 16-, 32-, 64-bit, or DSP)
  • Works with or without an RTOS kernel
  • Easily configurable



Key Specifications

Unlimited number of ‘channels’ (limited only by the number of serial interfaces)

ASCII or RTU mode selectable on a per-channel basis

Floating-point support through “Daniel’s Extensions”

Modbus Slave or Master possible on the same product

Adjustable baud rate on a per channel-basis

Easily assign application variables to Modbus registers, coils, and discrete inputs

Works with any processor (8-, 16-, 32-, 64-bit, or DSP)

Works with or without an RTOS kernel

Easily configurable

ANSI C source code provided

Scalable from 6K to 15K bytes of code space


Function Codes

Supported Modbus function codes:

Function Code

1 Coil Read
2 Discrete Input Read
3 Holding Register Read
4 Input Register Read
5 Write Single Coil
6 Write Single Holding Register
8 Diagnostic Loopback
15 Write Multiple Coils
16 Write Multiple Holding Registers
20 File Read
21 File Write


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Technical Support

Technical Support Plan

Technical support services for any of the Cs/ software is readily available to all customers currently using or interested in the Cs/ family of RTOS components.

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