About Us

Continuing Micriµm's tradition of excellence

Our Team

As the Micrium µC/ Product experts, we've worked with a vast number of MCU's, protocols, IDE's and more. You can count on us to help you get your projects up and running. Real-Time systems can be complicated, but they don't have to be.

Our Heritage

With years of experience providing support for Micrium's Software Suite and assisting customers with their most complex applications, you can expect more of the same excellent support we've always offered. Clean, reliable, working code remains our focus.

Our Solution

We are here to help you get the most value from your investment in Micrium’s uC/OS products. Our engineers are seasoned experts in integrating all the Micrium components into embedded real-time applications. Let's continue doing great things together.

Since its founding in 1999 as a private company, Micriµm™ and its team of engineers have offered world-class embedded software components for the most critical and demanding real-time applications. Recognized as having some of the cleanest code in the industry, with easy to understand documentation, the Micrium real-time kernels and software components have successfully been deployed in thousands of products worldwide across a broad range of industries. Micrium’s µC/OS™ kernel has been certified for use in safety-critical applications and remains a respected favorite in the medical, aerospace and industrial markets. It continues to be the RTOS of choice for engineers requiring the most reliable and trusted solution for their mission-critical applications.  

In 2016 Micrium was acquired by Silicon Labs to bring RTOS expertise to the company and to integrate Micrium’s embedded software components with Silicon Labs’ wireless and MCU devices. Throughout this time, Silicon Labs continued to make available and directly support Micrium’s µC/OS embedded components across all industry embedded platforms.

Beginning in 2020, Silicon Labs made the Micrium µC/OS products available under an open-source license and discontinued externally supporting the products. With this new phase in the evolution of Micrium's µC/OS product life, we recognize that open-source availability creates many new product application opportunities for this reliable, robust RTOS. Of course, we also realize that countless cutomers continue to require commercial grade, well supported embedded software offerings for use in their mission critical applications.

Weston Embedded Solutions is here to help. Our team of former Micrium and Silicon Labs engineers has accumulated over 25 years of experience with the design and support of the µC/OS software suite. Weston Embedded Solutions is the embedded software expert for Micriµm's µC/OS family of products. 

Throughout our history, our goal has always been to provide the most reliable, clean and trusted code to the embedded community. This includes providing exceptional product support and designs for new and existing customers. Not surprisingly, these remain our goals today.

We offer software solutions created by engineers for engineers; we know what it takes to see projects through from start to finish. How can we help you?

At Micrium, we supported and managed the µC/OS family of software products that came to be recognized in the industry as the leading RTOS for mission-critical embedded applications. Our product and support offerings enabled countless customers to get to market quickly.

As part of Silicon Labs, we applied our embedded software expertise to the company’s hardware platforms providing a complete solution to customers. Their wireless products and MCUs now benefit from the integration with Micrium’s reliable RTOS.

As Weston Embedded Solutions, we continue our tradition of providing customers the best support and solutions possible for their embedded designs. From technical assistance to commercial licensing options, you can count on us when you need help with your critical application.