Real-Time Kernels


Introduced in 1998 and available as open-source, µC/OS-II is a portable, ROM-able, scalable, preemptive, real-time, deterministic, multitasking kernel for microprocessors and DSPs.

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Introduced in 2009 and available as open-source, µC/OS-III offers all of the features and functions of µC/OS-II. The biggest difference is the number of supported tasks. µC/OS-III Allows any number of application tasks, priority levels, and tasks per level.

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Communication Software


The open-source embedded TCP/IP protocol stack. Features dual IPv4 and IPv6 support, an SSL/TLS socket option, and support for Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and PHY controllers.

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The open-source embedded USB device stack. Includes support for Audio, CDC-ACM, CDC-EEM, HID, MSC, and Vendor classes.

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The open-source embedded USB host stack. Includes many class drivers such as MSC, HID, CDC-ACM, and USB2Ser.

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Originally developed by Embedded Office, µC/CAN features a CAN protocol framework that enables easy and clean implementation of CAN communication paths. Optimized for speed, flexibility, size, and high portability.

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An industrial serial communications protocol for connecting industrial devices. Works with any CPU, and supports any number of communication channels.

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Storage Software


The open-source embedded file system for microprocessors, microcontrollers, and DSPs. An optional journaling component provides fail-safe operation while maintaining FAT compatibility.

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Micrium software includes comprehensive documentation, full source code, powerful debugging features, and support for a huge range of CPU architectures.


Micrium software offers unprecedented ease-of-use, a small memory footprint, remarkable energy efficiency, and all with a full suite of protocol stacks.


Engineers across the world building industrial controls, medical devices, and aerospace systems know they can rely on Micrium software for the foundation of exceptional products.