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Xilinx Starter Package

As the official development team for the Xilinx µC/OS repository and Cesium RTOS, Weston Embedded Solutions has the expertise to get you up and running on the Zynq-7000 and Ultrascale+ family of products.


An off-the-shelf solution for Micrium µC/ or Cesium RTOS applications on Xilinx SoCs

Easily add or remove Micrium µC/ or Cesium RTOS stacks as your application matures

Generate new projects in seconds using the provided templates

Easily configure your Micrium µC/ or Cesium RTOS products through the Xilinx SDK UI

OpenAMP support for Micrium µC/OS or Cesium RTOS kernels included

Support for ZC702, ZCU102, and Zedboard evaluation kits out-of-the-box


Support Matrix

Kernels and Stacks Zynq-7000 Ultrascale+ Microblaze
CAN - -
DHCP client -
DNS client -
FS RAMDisk Only RAMDisk Only
HTTP client -
Micrium µC/OS-II and Cesium Cs/OS2
Micrium µC/OS-III and Cesium Cs/OS3
USB-Device - -
USB-Host - -


Cesium software includes comprehensive documentation, full source code, powerful debugging features, and support for a huge range of CPU architectures.


Cesium software offers unprecedented ease-of-use, a small memory footprint, remarkable energy efficiency, and all with a full suite of protocol stacks.


Engineers across the world building industrial controls, medical devices, and aerospace systems know they can rely on Cesium software for the foundation of exceptional products.