Consulting Services

For specialized assistance with your embedded project, we can offer the following. Please contact us to discuss any of these or other services you require.
  • Application Development
    Application design and implementation according to your specifications
  • Port and Driver Development
    Using hardware that is not supported? Not a problem, we'll develop the kernel port and peripheral drivers for you
  • Board Support Package Development
    We'll write the code to interface your hardware with your chosen RTOS kernel and protocol stacks
  • Example Projects
    Creation of sample projects ranging from basic start-up to specific or more advanced applications
  • Custom Hardware Support
    Assistance with any custom hardware setup or application implementation
  • On-Site Support
    Request one of our embedded engineers to come out and assist at your location


Our team of dedicated embedded engineers can bring years of experience and insight to your application needs. By enlisting our services, you'll save valuable time and resources.


We have supported customers with solutions across a broad range of development platforms, environments, and technologies. We have the experience to handle your unique requirements.


At Micriµm a major tenant of ours was to develop clean, robust code customers can rely on. You can count on us to apply the same philosophy to any custom work we deliver.

Need to train your team?

Weston Embedded Solutions continues Micrium's tradition of offering comprehensive and in-depth training courses. Whether you need an introductory class or advanced training on our protocol stacks, we can customize a training solution to your needs. For more information regarding our training offerings click below.